Commercialising Quantum Technologies: feasibility studies round 2

UK registered businesses can apply for a share of up to £7 million for feasibility studies or market research projects. This funding is from ISCF. Projects must exploit second generation quantum technologies, and must involve an SME.

Opens: 18/01/2021 Closes: 10/03/2021

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ISCF TFI (Transforming Foundation Industries): large collaborative R&D projects

The aim of this competition is to improve the productivity and competitiveness of foundation industry companies and supply chains, by funding cross-sector collaborative research and development projects. Sectors include cement, glass, paper, ceramics, metals and chemicals.

Opens: 11/01/2021 Closes: 10/03/2021

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Cyngor Gwynedd - Developing a Net Zero Farm Innovation Competition

The “Developing a Net Zero Farm” Project is a pilot SBRI-type competition being held by the North Wales Economic Ambition Board (NWEAB) in partnership with Coleg Cambria Llysfasi seeking projects developing innovative technology, systems and/or process solutions that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions within a commercial agricultural setting in line with Wales’ Innovation in Agriculture agenda.

Opens: 07/01/2021 Closes: 28/01/2021

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Rhondda Cynon Taf - Decarbonising Assets and Developing Innovative Multi Vector Energy Model Solutions to achieve Net Zero

Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council (RCTCBC) are launching a Small Business Research Initiative competition to identify innovative solutions to address NetZero and decarbonise council assets. The challenge is to develop a net zero multi-vector heat, storage and electricity micro-grid solution which will serve as part of a wider energy mix in an initial proposed ‘zone’ of a group of designated buildings.

Opens: 01/01/2021 Closes: 25/01/2021

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Smart Living – Whole System Business Research Innovation for Decarbonisation

Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council are launching a Whole System Business Research Innovation for Decarbonisation (WBRID) pilot competition based upon Research and Development Pre-Commercial principles to identify innovative solutions which will support energy supply, demand and storage for commercial end users (and in the future domestic end users) and to work towards creating zero energy parks for Blaenau Gwent

Opens: 23/12/2020 Closes: 25/01/2021

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Map the Gap Phase 2 - £2m innovation funding for surveying technology

DASA launches Map the Gap Phase 2 competition to develop survey system demonstrators to help troops safely and stealthily advance into enemy territory over water.

Opens: 12/01/2021 Closes: 09/03/2021

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Take Cover! Phase 3

The Defence and Security Accelerator seeks proposals for novel and innovative technologies for lightweight, rapidly deployable protection on the front-line.

Opens: 15/12/2020 Closes: 11/02/2021

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Care Home Data Platform Innovation Foundation Challenge

This Challenge will invite companies to assess if currently collected data on residents by care homes, can – alone or when combined with health and social care records – provide a holistic digital picture of a resident’s health, wellbeing and care needs.

Opens: 16/12/2020 Closes: 05/02/2021

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KTN Innovation Exchange challenge - improving the durability of furnaces used for glass melting

On behalf of Pilkington Technology Management KTN is running a challenge on its Innovation Exchange to identify innovative, robust and resilient materials for the refractory blocks in a gas/oil fired, electrically boosted, glass melting furnace.

Opens: 18/12/2020 Closes: 05/02/2021

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KTN Innovation Exchange challenge - in-situ approaches to measuring contaminants in float bath atmosphere

KTN is working with Pilkington Technology Management looking for solutions to assist in the detection of contaminants in the float bath area of their glass production process.

Opens: 18/12/2020 Closes: 05/02/2021

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