BEIS is seeking a provider to support its future Net Zero Innovation Portfolio Heat Pump Ready Programme with responsibilities including:

  • Knowledge transfer and shared learning
  • Identification of common work areas and facilitation of working groups
  • Programme support & evaluation
  • Development of standardised documentation
  • Dissemination of programme outcomes

The Heat Pump Ready Programme, with total funding budget of up to £60m, will support projects which develop and trial the coordination of high density heat pump deployment (Stream 1; £30m budget) and projects which develop tools and technologies to overcome remaining barriers to heat pump deployment (Stream 2; £25m budget).

The Stream 3 provider will be responsible for supporting the Stream 1 trials and be responsible for facilitating knowledge sharing within and outside the programme and for facilitating knowledge transfer with other NZIP and associated projects.

Key to the success of the Heat Pump Ready programme is the ability to share learnings and collaborate on common challenges and opportunities across the heat pump landscape when targeting high density deployment of heat pumps in a defined location. BEIS is seeking a Delivery Partner to deliver the following activities to support Heat Pump Ready:

Programme trial support/evaluation: Provide support to Stream 1 providers to ensure the trial projects are robust and produce fit-for-purpose data. This will include ensuring that project teams develop robust approaches for costing their coordinated, high density heat pump deployment methodology and implement effective data sharing requirements. In addition, the Supplier will be required to review Stream 1 solutions for common trends and issues.

Knowledge transfer: Capture the lessons learnt, facilitate knowledge transfer, coordinate working groups and broker relationships between Stream 1 projects; and between Stream 1 projects and the solutions developed in Stream 2, across the broader NZIP portfolio and within relevant Ofgem-funded (NIC or SIF) projects.

Dissemination: Develop the knowledge base from the Programme, identify dissemination opportunities and knowledge products for stakeholders across the heat pump landscape; develop and deliver a dissemination plan, tailored to different groups of stakeholders.