If you’re a pre-seed founder or founding team focusing on Urban Futures innovation, Huckletree’s 12 week intensive accelerator is designed to supercharge your business and give you everything you need to prepare for raising your seed round. Delivered by experts; serial entrepreneurs, world-class operators and investors with strong ties into the Urban Futures theme, the programme will be packed with learnings and practical knowledge to give you the confidence to launch your business on strong foundations.

The programme is open to innovators in: Smart Cities, the Built Environment, Mobility and Transport, and Energy and Emissions.

There is space for 6 purpose-driven for profit startups who are championing Urban Futures innovation in their sector: working on innovations that improve our transport & mobility, make our cities smarter, create more sustainable solutions for the built environment, and revolutionise energy and emissions.

Alpha is built for founders who are yet to raise their seed round but are intending to raise at least £350K in the 6 months following the programme start-date, who have spotted an opportunity within sustainability, and have the data and early revenue to back it up.

Huckletree will also run the Earthrise Sustainability Summit in May 2022, after an impactful inaugural summit earlier this year. The event will assemble an intelligence network of industry experts, academics, politicians, investors, activists, and entrepreneurs to debate the road to a sustainable Urban Future. Participants on the Alpha Accelerator will also be invited.

To be eligible:

  • Team: At least one underrepresented founder as part of the founding team
  • Sector: Urban Futures
  • Product: A beta/MVP version of your product, preferably an early version on the market
  • Traction: Evidence of early traction/customer uptake or potential for growth (i.e. early users, pilot users, waitlist, early interest, social following etc)
  • Commitment: The programme runs over Tuesday and Thursday morning for 12 weeks; Alphas commit to the full programme, including weekly stand ups, 121s, workshops and pitch practices
  • Fundraising: Either the teams are bootstrapped or have raised a friends and family round. Our Alphas all intend to raise a seed round of at least £350k within 6-12months of leaving the programme

Huckletree Alpha is completely free of charge for the selected startups, with no fees or equity taken.