Advanced Nuclear Skills and Innovation Campus call for proposals

The design and development of advanced nuclear reactors offers a unique opportunity to develop technologies that can harness some of the energy produced to be used for irradiation of material specimens, without affecting primary reactor operations for power generation. This may include, but is not limited to, targets and specimens for irradiation research, medical isotope production, materials development, and materials processing and recycling.

On behalf of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL), Game Changers are inviting proposals for innovative technologies that will enable the controlled irradiation of material specimens in nuclear reactors which are being simultaneously used for power generation. Solutions should take into consideration safe and secure integration into a range of advanced nuclear reactor designs, with regard for factors such as: how to introduce material into the reactor, control irradiation, remove material and extract samples. Subsequent sample preparation for transportation should be assumed to be undertaken in facilities located at or close to the reactor within appropriate timeframes.

These secondary target irradiation activities must not affect long-term continuous reactor operation.

This funding call is part of a short pilot of the Advanced Nuclear Skills and Innovation Campus (ANSIC), delivered by NNL on behalf of BEIS, and will provide feasibility grants of up to £25k per project.

A full challenge statement is available here.

A webinar for interested parties will be held on Friday 22nd October, 11am-12.30pm: register here.