KTN’s Innovation Exchange is working with Artemis Technologies, an applied technology spin off from the successful Artemis Racing America’s Cup team. The company was set up to commercialise the hydro-foiling and tool chain intellectual property developed by the team over the past seven years. The company provides engineering services to high-performance and commercial clients, as well as developing unique products, like the world’s most advanced maritime simulators. Utilising world class skills in simulation, lightweight structure engineering, electronics, hydraulics, aerodynamics and hydrodynamics, the Artemis Technologies team has been developing new green technologies with various maritime applications and strives to deliver real innovation to its customers through unique solutions and products.

Artemis Technologies is developing a zero-emission passenger ferry to address both the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) targets to achieve a reduction of 50% in carbon dioxide by 2050 and the UK’s commitment to achieve NetZero within the same timescale.

Artemis Technologies is the lead partner of the Belfast Maritime Consortium that was recently awarded a UKRI Strength in Places grant to help develop their electric propelled hydrofoil vessel. This Innovation Exchange seeks to find solution providers to help keep this innovative vessel free from bio-fouling.

As part of the unique vessel design and operation Artemis Technologies are looking for an innovation partner to develop and supply detection systems over a range of different technologies capable of object detection and sending telemetry to the navigation software for collision avoidance.

Central to the vessel design are the hydrofoils which are precisely engineered to lift the vessel out of the water at cruising speed and maximise drag reduction. The vessel performance is heavily influenced by the condition of the hydrofoils and any fouling that occurs on their surface has a detrimental effect on performance.  To counteract this challenge Artemis Technologies is looking for an innovation partner to develop and supply suitable technologies that can predict or detect the accumulation of bio-fouling and mitigate/remove its formation.

Rewards and benefits

Successful applicants will be given an opportunity to pitch to the challenger. The package may also include:

  • Support from KTN and relevant Catapults
  • Support in the development of a prototype or pilot.
  • A place at KTN or Innovate UK events
  • A potential business collaboration
  • Links to investors (if required)


If you have a solution to this challenge, find out more and apply at KTN’s Innovation Exchange here.