Through a unique combination of capabilities in energy, services and regeneration, EQUANS, an ENGIE company, is well placed as the partner of choice to help businesses and local authorities in the transition to a net zero future.

As a strategic supplier to the UK Government, with hundreds of customers across the public and private sector, EQUANS is committed to being a leader in the energy transition by deploying innovative solutions at scale. To support this strategy, EQUANS has partnered with Innovate UK to establish the Clean Growth Innovation Fund, an investment fund ring-fenced for UK-based start-ups and SME’s that are delivering on the UK’s Clean Growth agenda.

Through the Clean Growth Innovation Fund, EQUANS is looking to make strategic investments in cleantech start-ups and SME’s. As a strategic investor, EQUANS will help its portfolio of invested companies scale by providing access to capital, expertise and customers. This equity investment is matched by non-dilutive grant funding from Innovate UK to help invested companies accelerate their innovative R&D activity.

This is one of four challenges being run by EQUANS: see details of the other three on KTN-iX. Please note there is an opportunity to engage directly on all four challenges in an event coordinated by EQUANS,  KTN and Cambridge Cleantech on Thursday 22nd July, 12noon – 1:30pm – click here to book a place.

The Challenge

As part of this KTN IX challenge, EQUANS is working with KTN to look for companies with industrial decarbonisation solutions that are interested in securing investment through the Clean Growth Innovation Fund.

By responding to this challenge, EQUANS will review your submission and successful applicants will be invited to pitch their solution to EQUANS, following the closure of the challenge, or sooner should there be high volumes of applications within any challenge area. 

What does EQUANS mean by industrial decarbonisation solutions?

EQUANS has a large number of industrial customers with a range of challenging Net Zero objectives and commitments. In order to support these customers on their road to net zero carbon, EQUANS is looking for innovative tools that will support the end to end process from identifying, appraising and developing net zero opportunities through to deploying and monitoring these net zero initiatives in action.

EQUANS hopes to co-develop solutions alongside its customers that contribute to their strategic outcomes, reduce carbon, optimise energy usage, improve process efficiency or support the development of a circular economy. Examples include:

  • Carbon accounting, reporting and compliance solutions
  • Data capture, analysis and insight solutions
  • Digital tools to identify and appraise decarbonisation projects
  • Multi-vector technoeconomic modelling platforms
  • Digital decarbonisation and Industry 4.0 solutions

To be eligible for the Clean Growth Innovation Fund, you must define a project that you wish to be funded, which addresses the customer challenges and opportunities presented.

This project must cost between £100,000 and £1,200,000: 50% of the funding will come from EQUANS as an equity investment, and 50% of the funding will come from Innovate UK Grant.

Example: A company is valued at £2,500,000 and requires £500,000 for its project. £250,000 will come from EQUANS as aligned equity investment (10% shareholding) and £250,000 will come from Innovate UK as a non-dilutive grant.

Given the aligned investment is equity from EQUANS, there is a need for the business applying for the competition to have a strategic alignment with the priorities and challenges set out. You should also explain how you believe a strategic partnership between your company and EQUANS might be beneficial for both the company and EQUANS. Please include a pitch deck with your application.

Entrants to this competition must be:

  • UK based micro, small or medium-sized business (SME)
  • Able to carry out your project work in the UK
  • Intending to exploit the results through a UK-based company

Innovate UK and KTN do not take any share of IP ownership or enter into commercial venture through the iX programme.