MINE.THE.GAP provides direct financial support to SMEs through innovation vouchers. These vouchers are dedicated to strategic plan preparation, validation of ideas and proof of concept/demonstrations activities to innovate the mining and raw material value chain. They will be distributed through two open calls during the MINE.THE.GAP project lifetime.

The voucher “MINE-PoC” aims to fund projects for the design and implementation of a prototype/proof-of-concept to demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed solution. This voucher has to address at least one of the top 10 challenges and needs of the raw materials and mining value chain (see Guide for Applicants or the MINE.THE.GAP Objectives) while focusing on at least one of the “Key Actions” to be funded.

What´s in it for the SMEs? These are the quick facts:

  • Achievable funding per SME: 25,000 EUR
  • Expected TRLs for projects funded under this call: TRL 6-7
  • Type of financial support: lump sum
  • Project duration: 9 months
  • Project start: 1 September 2021

Application is open from 3 March until 5 May, 17:00 CEST.