Applications for Round 4 Resident Entrepreneurs are open now and close on Monday the 9th of November at 5pm.

If you are an individual or a small team that would like to develop a new product or service using data or data-driven technology, you can apply for funding of up to £12,000 to support your work.

Applications for Round 4 Resident Entrepreneurs are open now and close on Monday the 9th of November at 5pm.

Please note: Due to current social distancing measures, the Creative Informatics team are only accepting applications for Resident Entrepreneur projects that can be completed remotely and do not require applicants to be matched with a host organisation.

Projects can run for between 3 and 9 months and applications should respond to one of the following R&D priorities:

  • Developing access to and engagement with new audiences and markets.
  • Developing new modalities of experience.
  • Unlocking the value of archives and data sets.
  • Exploring new business models for the creative industries

The Resident Entrepreneurs programme is funded through the City Deal Data Driven Innovation (DDI) Initiative and is open to applicants from Edinburgh and all six of the Edinburgh and Southeast Scotland city regions (Edinburgh, Midlothian, East Lothian, West Lothian, Fife, and Scottish Borders).

Mentoring for Resident Entrepreneurs will be provided by Host Organisations, the Creative Informatics team, and formally through the Creative Edinburgh mentoring programme. Placements can last between three and nine months.

Who can apply?

Resident Entrepreneurs can be individuals or partnerships, SMEs, etc. and are eligible whether (currently) registered as a company, charity etc or not.
Resident Entrepreneurs must:

  • Be working in one of the nine recognised DCMS creative industries sectors.
  • Be proposing a new product, service or project to develop an idea with genuine impact for the creative industries. Proposals which also have potential to impact upon wider sectors are welcome.
  • Be based in and/or be undertaking work that has impact for the creative industries within Edinburgh and/or the Edinburgh and South East Scotland Region.
  • Be submitting a proposal that meets the selection criteria.

Selection criteria

Resident Entrepreneurs as asked to submit a proposal which must:

  1. Clearly articulate the product, service or idea they will be developing during their Resident Entrepreneurship.
  2. Align with one (or more) of the Creative Informatics Cluster core challenges:
    • How can Data Driven Innovation support access and engagement to new audiences and markets?
    • How can Data Driven Innovation support the development of new modalities of experience?
    • How can Data Driven Innovation unlock hidden value in archives and data sets?
    • How can Data Driven Innovation reveal new business models for the creative industries?
  3. Represent genuine Research and Development around data and/or data driven technologies in the creative industries. This can include innovative application of more established tools, techniques, approaches or business models in new contexts (or to different sectors), or as new types of offerings or business models.
  4. Have the potential to be developed into a commercial/income generating product.
  5. Be deliverable in the course of a residency of (usually) 3-9 months and no longer than 12 months.
  6. Be supported by a commitment to engage with the Creative Informatics team on monitoring, reporting, research and evaluation work around the project. Reporting and payments schedules will be mutually agreed at the outset of successful projects.
  7. Comply with ethical and legally compliant data practices.
  8. Include a realistic budget outlining how any funding will be used by the Resident Entrepreneur during their residency.
  9. Be prepared to enter into Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) required for a successful placement and residency. Resident Entrepreneurs will be supported to issue their own NDAs to ensure both Host Organisation and Resident Entrepreneur intellectual property (IP) is protected appropriately.

If you would like to discuss your application, the KTN Digital team and Creative Industries team will be happy to help.