DE&S are looking to understand methodologies that would support Team Awareness Kit (TAK) plug-ins development for an operational environment. This RFI is to enable Defence to better understand the market and inform future experimentation and procurement activities.

UK Defence are currently exploring the use of autonomous and semi-autonomous systems that can operate in all Domains i.e., in the Land, Air, Sea, Cyber/Electro-Magnetic spectrum and Space. This growth of the Military Internet-of-Things (M-IoT) offers a paradigm shift in capabilities that could be exploited by troops in a range of demanding and contested environments. As such, there is an emerging requirement for UK Defence to embrace an integrated user interface to gain operational advantage whilst managing the cognitive burden of operators.

The US Department of Defence Tactical Assault Kit (TAK) centres around a secure smartphone-based user interface and has an ‘plug-in’ architecture that supports widespread development. This is one example where civilian and military enterprises have capitalised on collaborative architecture where examples of application integration have been achieved (often using Agile principles).  It is noted that widespread application development can put capability in the hands of the User, but real operational advantages are gained when those applications are integrated with the needs of the User at the heart of development.

DE&S seeks to engage with Industry colleagues from all sectors to learn of ‘good practice’ or even potential ‘pitfalls’ associated with Integrated Application Development for an operational environment. In particular:

  • What were the blockers and enablers to achieving successful integration?
  • Were there any challenges in safety and governance associated with your approach and how did you/your team respond?
  • How did you support a diverse framework of developers and what were the challenges of working together?
  • Any other feedback on integrated application you would like to share?

Next Steps:

  • Complete and return the Quad document by 27th September
  • DE&S will contact companies responding to the RFI after the closing date

Please ensure your quad response is limited to 1-page. When complete, return via email to no later than 27th September 2021.

Please use the following header on your email: ‘Scaling TAK Plug-in Development in the Modern Battlespace (701578702)’

It is recognised that organisations’ responding may have example capabilities for consideration that they wish to share with DE&S. If you wish to include additional information, please attach this in pdf format to the email quad return.