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The Heat Pump Ready Programme forms part of BEIS’s £1 billion Net Zero Innovation Portfolio (NZIP), which aims to accelerate the commercialisation of innovative clean energy technologies and processes through the 2020s and 2030s. A key solution for decarbonising homes, heat pumps will be critical for meeting the UK’s legally binding commitment to achieve net zero by 2050.

The Heat Pump Ready Programme is made up of three, separate streams:

  • Workstream 1: Solutions for High-Density Heat Pump Deployment.
  • Workstream 2: Developing Tools and Technology.
  • Workstream 3: Trial Support and Learning.

Briefing Event

There was a briefing event (not recorded) for potential applicants to find out more information on 2 November 2021. Copies of the slides and Q&A responses are now available: click here to view them.

Workstream 1, Solutions for High-Density Heat Pump Deployment, will be focused on development and trial of solutions and methodologies for the optimised deployment of domestic heat pumps, at high-density, in the UK. There will be a total budget of up to £30m of funding available across 2 phases in this stream. Projects will also be expected to work with energy networks, with potential access to complementary funding through Ofgem’s Network Innovation Competition (NIC) and Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF).

This competition is open to stakeholders from across the heat landscape including local authorities, manufacturers and installers, lenders and investors, academics and consultants, energy suppliers and licensed energy network operators and those supporting consumers to transition to heat pumps.

Stream 2 will focus on developing tools and technology. Up to £25 million of grant funding for projects to overcome barriers to heat pump deployment, beginning spring 2022.

Stream 3 will cover trial support and learning. Up to £5 million contract from spring 2022.


Networking Platform

The Heat Pump Ready Programme Team have launched a networking platform to help you find collaboration partners to support your application/bid to the Heat Pump Ready Programme.

The platform enables you to view other individuals and organisations interested in the programme, advertise what you could bring to an application, request partners with particular skill sets and organise virtual meetings with potential collaboration partners.

The platform is open for registration now and once you’ve created your profile you can add a Marketplace advert to support you in finding collaboration partners – from Monday 13th December you will be able to view registered participants and marketplace posts, and start scheduling your virtual meetings.

Please register by Friday 10th December via this link.

Note: registration and use of the platform is optional and is not a compulsory requirement. Participation with the platform does not form part of any application/bid into the Heat Pump Ready Programme.

If you have any questions please contact For technical questions, please get in touch


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A fuller set of information including draft terms and conditions for each stream has now been published as of 25th November 2021: click here to access the documents. The funding call is likely to officially open in early December 2021.