The Spark Contest is a Franco-British innovation competition that invites entrants to challenge the energy sector by sharing new and creative ideas. The contest develops and encourages young people to play a part in the UK and France’s journey to becoming zero-carbon.​

​All you need is a team of 2-3 people, between 18 and 30 years old (before 2nd January 2022), that have studied in either the UK or France.

To enter the competition, the first stage is Phase 1 – The Concept: In 500 words (one page), tell us about your innovation and how you believe it will disrupt the Franco-British energy sector and help us achieve net zero. Whether it be untapped energy sources or efficiencies in building management and construction, provide a holistic overview of your idea and tell us why you think it’s the best!

Successful proposals in phase 1 (deadline 31st Dec 2021) will be asked to submit a larger scale 10 page plan for phase 2 (by April 2022), telling us about the technology underpinning your idea, identifying your potential market and its competitors. Think of this as the basis of a business plan that you’d be willing to pitch to some dragons. In phase 3 (June 2022), you’ll get the chance to pitch your plan!

Read about the 2020 winners, Geo-Air, and their hybrid ground & air heat pump.