SAQN (STFC Air Quality Network) are looking for innovative projects that either build on the previous work undertaken by SAQN Scoping Studies or that pursue new research applying STFC (Science and Technology Facilities Centre) capabilities to address air quality challenges. They must demonstrate significant impact potential (either via follow-on funding, social/environmental impact, and/or commercial application). Proof of Concept projects might demonstrate a new technique to the community, develop a new product, a new type of analysis or develop a new instrument.

Proof of Concept funds between £10,000 and £40,000 will be awarded at 100% FEC to successful applicants. STFC capabilities must be integral to the project, and should include an STFC-funded scientist as part of the project team. SAQN can help to identify and matchmake suitable project partners. Projects should last 6-12 months.

Applications are welcomed which address any air quality challenges faced by academia, industry or policy. Applications which align with the Defra Areas of Research Interest in Air Quality are encouraged.

Please contact Fleur Hughes, Network Manager (>)  for any questions about the application process or funding call guidance.