The unique challenges entrepreneurs face in developing a business idea or new technology are complex, and can quickly become barriers to growth. Incubators have gained much traction amongst start-ups and investors over recent years, and are recognised for the dedicated support they offer to early stage companies with an ambition to grow. Whether it be access to physical space, or a network of entrepreneurs, advisors and partners, a Business Incubation Centre offers a start-up all the tools it will need.

STFC’s long and proven history of commercialising science and technology and creating viable businesses has equipped us with a first-hand and in-depth knowledge of the support a technology business requires to scale-up and grow. The STFC CERN Business Incubation Centre offers funding, business support and technical assistance to entrepreneurs and small high-tech companies seeking to accelerate their innovative business concepts.

Entrepreneurs and small high-tech companies can receive:

  • £40,000 financial award
  • 80 hours of scientific and technical expertise
  • Access to CERN Intellectual Property
  • Extensive business support package

Suitable technology areas:

Data Analytics & Management
High and Ultra High Vacuum Systems
Machine Learning
Material Science
Opto and Microelectronics
Particle Acceleration and Tracking
Radiation Protection and Monitoring
Radio Frequency Technology
Robotics & Sensors

To apply, complete and send the expression of interest form by April 30th, or contact

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