The University of Sheffield (UoS) with funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) is establishing a Sustainable Aviation Fuels Innovation Centre (SAF-IC) to support and promote the production and characterisation of decarbonised and sustainable aviation fuel. To complement our research capability, we are looking to procure a range of test equipment approved to various ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards as well as other internationally recognised standards where appropriate.

The SAF-IC will be sited alongside a concentration of University translational research assets which form the University of Sheffield Innovation District, within the Sheffield City Region (SCR) Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District (AMID). The building consists of several dedicated test cells designed to host a range of aviation fuel component experimentation, as well as a bespoke 200m2, Aviation Characterisation Laboratory. The ASTM approved test equipment procured under this tender will add to the assets employed in the Aviation Characterisation Laboratory and will focus on both Tier-1 and Tier-2 fuel specification and property testing. Each item of laboratory equipment has been specifically selected to complement the research capability and desired range of testing. Each item must be certified to validate a subset of ASTM test standards.

Items required:

  • Lot 1 Automated Water Solubility Test Device – ASTM D6304
  • Lot 2 Dynamic Viscosity Measurement Device – ASTM D7042
  • Lot 3 Simulated Distillation Unit based on Gas Chromatography – ASTM D2887 and IP 406
  • Lot 4 Automated Lubricity Measurement Device – ASTM D5001
  • Lot 5 Automated Test Device for Determining Specific Heat Capacity by Differential Scanning Calorimetry – ASTM E1269
  • Lot 6 Automated Freeze Point Test Device – ASTM D2386
  • Lot 7 Automated Flash Point Test Device – ASTM D56, ASTM D3828 or ASTM D93
  • Lot 8 Digital Density Meter – ASTM D4052
  • Lot 9 Conductivity Response – ASTM D2624
  • Lot 10 Automated Atmospheric Distillation Analyser – ASTM D86, IP 123, ASTM D7344 and ASTM D7345
  • Lot 11 Automated Vapor Pressure Device – ASTM D6378
  • Lot 12 Automated Total Acid Number – ASTM D664
  • Lot 13 Automated Tensiometer – ASTM D1331
  • Lot 14 Automated Trace Sulphur Analyser – ASTM D5453
  • Lot 15 Automated Smoke Point Analyser – ASTM D1322
  • Lot 16 Automated Vapor Pressure Device – ASTM D6378

This is an EU / FTS open exercise. The ITT can be downloaded by registering and expressing your interest on Sheffield University’s e-tendering system.

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