Abi is part of the Manufacturing team in KTN.  Helping manufacturers to innovate and innovators to manufacture, Abi creates diverse connections across partners, facilities and funding with a view to driving productivity and economic growth. Abi is open and passionate about the value of diversity and the role of good collaboration in successful innovation.

At KTN Abi leads on ‘Helping Innovators to Manufacture’ – supporting companies as they Navigate the Design to Manufacture Journey and, as part of the Manufacturing Made Smarter ISCF, helping start-ups developing technologies for enhancing manufacturing get them to market. This often involves getting creative and asking challenging questions early on to maximise the likelihood of commercialisation success – Understanding the market, design for manufacture, supporting manufacturing supply chain development, finding manufacturing partners, manufacturing strategy and preparation for funding and/or investment. Abi holds a Doctorate in Systems Engineering, an MEng in Product Design Engineering and is a Fellow of the RSA. 

With deep expertise in product innovation processes and engineering management, Abi has experience in both industry and academia and has led multi-partner projects in a range of sectors including automotive, aerospace, logistics, defence, textiles and medical devices

Get in touch with Abi if you’re looking to take your technology innovation to market, keen to connect with the academic community or, interested in KTPs (Knowledge Transfer Partnerships).

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