Andy is the Head of Digital Economy and Creative Industries at KTN. Andy and his team of trusted experts work with companies who are creating and developing new digital solutions, products and platforms to be commercialised and used in a variety of global sectors and niches. 

Andy works on a number of KTN programmes and networks such as UK5G, ImmerseUK, SDTap, and AI for Services. He is also involved in many other programmes across the KTN sector teams.  

Andy’s background is in the Digital and Media industries. He’s worked in and with many other technology and innovation driven sectors, niches and business markets. Originally working in the TV, Film and Music industries running TV studios and Tech Op’s, he then moved into working with companies and business sectors to help them develop and grow.

Over the last 20 years. Andy has worked with businesses, local and national government and universities in cities and regions across the UK, Europe and North America. He managed Innovation led business growth and digital sector development initiatives and business support programmes.

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