Giulia is a Knowledge Transfer Manager within the KTN Health Team with a focus on Precision Medicine and she represents the team in the London Region.

Her role is to facilitate collaborations among businesses, academia, research institutions and investors that translate research breakthroughs into products and services and, ultimately, drive innovations within the Precision Medicine landscape.

Giulia supports companies – SMEs in particular – to navigate the complex innovation and funding ecosystem, which is particularly challenging in this emerging healthcare sector, whereby medicine and genetics meet artificial intelligence, big data and digital technologies to create a more personalised approach to diagnosis and treatment. In particular, she works with companies to find the right funding opportunities and the right partners as well as supports their innovation journeys.

Giulia also works with KTN International Team on the KTN Global Alliance, a programme that leverages our UK and international connections to support the work of our innovation partners in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa. Always on the international side, Giulia has led Innovate UK Global Expert Mission to China and Israel. Finally, her activities also include working with investors to match-make them with relevant companies in their priority sectors. Giulia has a background in International Healthcare Management, Economics and Policy and has covered roles across the R&D pipeline, from leading field research in Africa and Asia to managing the development of innovative healthcare products and services. She is now applying this knowledge and experience to help UK companies thrive.

Get in touch with Giulia if you have an interest in moving healthcare towards a more personalised approach and you would like to know how KTN can support your endeavour. Or simply if you would like to know more about how KTN connects innovators to drive positive change.

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