Howard has been a KTP Adviser for 15 years covering South East and Mid Wales. He advises on creating and running KTPs in these areas.

The Knowledge Transfer Partnerships programme promotes business led, open innovation by connecting companies with academic expertise to enable them to grow their business. Howard looks after businesses supporting their projects with knowledge bases in many parts of the country. Howard also maintains relationships with a number of designated universities in relation to their participation in the programme.

Howard has over 18 years’ experience in the semiconductor industry developing innovative solutions to the problems of miniaturisation in microelectronics and specialised in advanced semiconductor interconnect architectures. He is co-author of a semiconductor process used to produce microprocessors and other devices at a number of fabrication facilities and is author of a number of related patents. He has diverse experience of technology transfer and has managed a range of process transfers to plants in Italy and France. Howard was responsible for transferring new technologies to production while, at the same time, growing production output and delivering organisational change.

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