Jake’s key function at ktn is to work collaboratively with ktn teams to produce more creative solutions for lasting positive change.

He works with other teams internally to embed human-centric design principles into their sector programmes.

Founders and Directors of early-stage or startup companies should get in contact with Jake.

Any and all tech areas that require better behavioural understanding.

Jake has deep expertise in human-centric design processes and can help with implementing user research, usability research and unlocking a culture of creativity and innovation.

Jake works across all sectors and in a variety of programmes inc. Design Foundations, Innovation Canvas, Young Innovators, Women in Innovation, cyberASAP, Nature Inspired Solutions, 4Manufacturing, Future Flight, Medicines Manufacturing.

Prior to KTN, Jake received a PhD in Human-Centred Design working on the Nano Membrane Toilet project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. His design work contributed to the self-standing toilet that produces clean water and energy from human waste for developing countries. 

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