Jody Chatterjee

Knowledge Transfer Adviser

Jody is a Knowledge Transfer Adviser for Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, South and East Northamptonshire and North London.

The Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) support businesses to engage with expert academic teams on a project-based collaboration delivering sustainable innovation with positive economic impact and additional societal or environmental benefits. Jody looks after businesses supporting their projects with knowledge bases in many parts of the country. Jody also maintains relationships with a number of designated universities in relation to their participation in the programme including Cambridge, Queen Mary London, Anglia Ruskin and Bedfordshire. He has been substantially involved in helping shape the Management KTPs programme (funded by BEIS). He also is an Assessor. At the KTN, he works with all the groups and more recently looking at opportunities in the Defence sector.

Jody is an experienced entrepreneurial board level executive in both the private and public sectors including working with universities. He has worked to resolve critical and significant problems for multi-national and smaller companies from a range of industries and national and local government agencies. He has led high performing, multi-skilled teams and managed large budgets to deliver stakeholders’ and ROI expectations. Primary activities have included strategy development and delivery, corporate and business development, finance, innovation and change management, international development and establishing new activities, partnerships and revenue streams and growing ventures in the private, public and academic sectors. He has co-founded a number of successful companies, raised venture and Angel capital and has held non-Executive Director and Chairman positions. Jody also has undertaken ‘forensic’ investigations; developed, run and taught on programmes for international executives and MBA students on a variety of topics including leadership, strategy and economic development, financial management, creativity and innovation, venturing and successful partnering. He has been a Fellow and a Visiting Fellow of a top 5 Business School in the UK, a Visiting Lecturer and Supervisor for another Business School and also taught in the Middle East. Until recently he was an independent chair and member of Judicial Appointments Commission panels recruiting and appointing judges and has conflict resolution and mediation experience. He was a lay member of the Support Services Resolution Board (The Law Society/ Solicitors Regulation Authority) and has been involved in recruiting for senior appointments for Public Sector organisations.

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