Joel is a Senior Knowledge Transfer Adviser for Northern Ireland.

The Knowledge Transfer Partnerships programme promotes business led, open innovation by connecting companies with academic expertise to enable them to grow their business. Joel looks after businesses supporting their projects with knowledge bases in many parts of the country. Joel also maintains relationships with a number of designated universities in relation to their participation in the programme.

Joel graduated with a BSC Joint Honours in Chemistry and Computer Science from Queens University Belfast, before completing an MSc in Environmental Sciences.  He began his career in speciality chemical formulation for a small UK Chemical company, before spending 12-years developing water and wastewater treatment systems.  Joel spent around 8-years working in technology commercialisation with Ulster University and the Agri-food and Biosciences Institute.  In the later role, he established and led a business development team that worked with businesses and researchers in the UK, Ireland, North America, Middle East and Asia. Joel is an inventor on a number of patents, and has been an active SME Innovation Coach for the EU under Horizon 2020.

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