Jonathan Abra

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Water

Jonathan works closely with the UK Water and Wastewater sector and its supply chain to help drive innovation in the treatment, distribution and use of water, the recovery of value from wastewater and the protection of the water environment. Jonathan’s work brings him into regular contract with the academic water community and he plays an active role in the water innovation ‘ecosystem’; sitting on a number of steering groups for UK Water Partnership and the UK Research and Innovation Water Interest Group.

IN addition to his water-related work, Jonathan is part of the Innovation Exchange delivery team and has led for KTN on supporting the Energy Catalyst competition.

Perhaps you work in the water and wastewater sector already and need help or funding to develop a new product or service. You might work in a different arena but believe you have technology that’s applicable to the water utility, or large water-using, industries. Maybe you have challenges related to water or the aquatic environment and want support in finding solutions beyond the usual supply chain.

Jonathan works with industry and academia to help drive innovation across the water, wastewater and energy sectors.  He is well-connected within the water innovation community and can provide links to information, end users and other key players and networks.

Jonathan is keen to ensure that the water sector benefits from exposure to the best ideas and technology solutions that other industries and disciplines can offer. He is an ardent supporter of cross-sector collaboration, including data science, chemistry, materials, maths, biotechnology, immersive tech, robotics and manufacturing.

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