Jonathan Walker

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Robotics

My role is Knowledge Transfer Manager – Robotics, working to connect people for positive change and my goal is to increase use of robotics for resilience and sustainability of the UK in this rapidly changing global environment.

I am interested in speaking with anyone that is developing robotics from businesses or Universities and can help by connecting you with potential partners or customers and signposting appropriate funding opportunities. If this sounds interesting please make contact and we can meet to discuss further.

Robotics is my second career, previously I worked as a field engineer in Oil & Gas for ten years in many countries around the world. After being made redundant in 2016 I decided on a career change and studied MSc Robotics, then began working as a robot service engineer initially. I progressed to robot and automation sales via a KTP and also completed an MPhil in Business.

I am currently involved in projects around manufacturing, textiles, health and agriculture. Very excited to also be developing a robotics strategy for the next several years with the help of the wider Complex Systems team.