Lamide Johnson is the Country Lead (Nigeria) for KTN.

He believes that innovation, technology and strategic partnerships leveraged by entrepreneurs are the fastest way to build economic prosperity in Africa.

He designs, develops and implements digital skills, entrepreneurship, policy and capacity building programs for startups creating solutions for Africa’s urgent problems, that promote job creation and provides access for communities. Prior to joining KTN, Lamide was the interim Country Director for the UK-Nigeria Tech Hub, and the Director of Partnerships and Engagement at Ventures Platform.

He is trained in Business and Entrepreneurship from Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, Illinois, USA; and he also has a Master of Business Administration degree.

When he is not designing business models or entrepreneurship programs, he is telling stories for businesses – creating narratives that inspire communication with customers, employees, and investors; and helping entrepreneurs form a compelling narrative around the solution they are building.