Liqun Yang

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Industrial Technologies

Liqun helps UK companies, research organisations, universities and other innovation developers to fast track their innovative projects. He works across all industry sectors as long as the innovation is focused around measurement or sensing technologies.

He works with people and organisations who are interested in developing innovations in sensors, sensor systems, measurement and instrumentation areas.

Liqun helps organisations make connections with other experts or organisations to collaborate. He also offers advice on funding and applications as well as on topics like building a case and commercialisation.

Liqun helps organisations from a wide sector range including engineering, energy, environment, agriculture, transport, manufacturing, life sciences and healthcare. He supports them on projects around online monitoring, non-destructive testing, electronics, photonics, opto-electronics, spectroscopy, imaging, metrology, precision agriculture, diagnostics, thermometry, acoustic, ultrasonic sensors and measurement technologies.

Before he joined KTN, Liqun worked in Knowledge Transfer/Exchange roles in R&D at pharmaceutical company GSK and at King’s College London. He has also extensively researched novel sensing technologies for the biopharmaceutical industry and oil & gas industry.

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