Marco is a member of the Design and Innovation Effectiveness team at KTN. As an independent designer and innovation consultant, he has over 7 years of experience in helping startups, SMEs and R&D teams to achieve forward-looking and resourceful solutions by dramatically de-risking the innovation process with an agile human-centered method. Prior to joining KTN, Marco had been consulting for LG, Pepsico, Jellagen, BAT, Brainlabs, Orange, S. T. Dupont and GSK among others. He is a graduate of the MA Industrial Design course at Central Saint Martins, and an alumnus of Makerversity, London’s leading creative business incubator and pioneering maker lab.

Marco can help you both in person or in a digital-first environment, by collaborating with you from the very start of your project by sharing his knowledge on methodologies and tools:

  • to understand what the stakeholders of your project need
  • to come up with lots of solution ideas and to prioritise them during your creative sprints
  • to give shape to experimental pilots, frameworks and formats that can be tested in an agile way for rapid iteration
  • to capture qualitative case stories that track the impact of your project

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