Mark Littlewood

Head of Emerging Technologies and Industries

Mark leads KTN’s Emerging Technologies & Industries team, which aims to accelerate the adoption of new technology into end user sectors. With his experience across multiple technologies and market sectors, including life sciences, pharmacogenomics, clinical testing, environmental services, radiotherapy, imaging, space, high energy physics, quantum technologies, Mark helps companies to understand and adopt these latest technologies.

Mark has a background in genetics and molecular biology with a very broad knowledge of the innovation sector. He has previously worked on projects involving everything from terrestrial applications of ablative heat shields from the space shuttle, to the use of zebrafish embryos for drug development.

Previously, Mark led on Sensors Systems and Defence & Security and conducting innovation projects on behalf of the Research Councils. He has a diverse background including roles in business development, project management, market analysis, product management and sales. Mark holds an MBA and a PhD in Molecular Biology.

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