Mark Matchett

Knowledge Transfer Adviser

Mark is the Knowledge Transfer Adviser for Gloucestershire, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Worcester, Shropshire and the Black Country.

The Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) support businesses to engage with expert academic teams on a project-based collaboration delivering sustainable innovation with positive economic impact and additional societal or environmental benefits. Andy looks after businesses supporting their projects with knowledge bases in many parts of the country. Andy also maintains relationships with a number of designated universities in relation to their participation in the programme.

With an engineering background, Mark has extensive experience in technical and commercial project management in a business environment. Mark is passionate about Innovation and enjoys working with businesses with similar agendas. Mark’s sector knowledge lies in Manufacturing and Automotive technologies, but his wider experience in growing businesses is well utilised in his Knowledge Transfer Adviser role.

Mark enjoys working with businesses of all sizes building out creative links between innovation and strategic abmitions adopting a pragmatic approach.

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