Paul Huggett

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Industrial Technologies

Paul provides support for the technical communities in the power electronics, machines and drives (PEMD). He works across the supply chain from semiconductor materials companies to system integrators.

Paul works with people and organisations who are interested in the field of PEMD from all the sectors, with interests in electrification for a Net Zero economy.

He can help fast track innovative projects in a range of sectors including power electronics, drives, machines, semiconductors, electrification, rail, marine, aerospace, automotive, agritech and energy.

Paul also assists innovators and large industrial partners to navigate the path to successful exploitation within a Net Zero economy, across all sectors.

Paul is the Lead on the ISCF Wave 3 Driving the Electric Revolution (DER) programme and works closely with the Innovate UK DER business team. The challenge represents an investment of up to £80 million over 4 years, set up to help UK businesses seize the opportunities presented by the transition to a low carbon economy.

Prior to joining KTN, Paul worked in semiconductor and photonic companies in the UK, Europe and the USA. He has a BSc and PhD in Chemistry.

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