Rob is the Transport Systems Manager at the KTN, which enables him to look holistically across all transport modes. Rob looks at the future of mobility and how bringing new services and transport modes together will provide better, more efficient end-to-end journeys for passengers and freight.  Rob takes a systems thinking approach, looking at Intelligent Mobility, Intelligent Transport Systems, urban and rural mobility, as well as new disruptive opportunities like Mobility as a Service.

Rob is very well connected in the transport sector, across all modes as well as businesses, academia and Government – devolved Government, Local Authorities and combined Authorities.

Rob can help make new connections, reaching out to new people to get a different perspective on transport challenges.   Rob can utilise the KTN network by working with colleagues to bring a wealth of expertise to scoping competitions, assisting projects or bringing together new consortia.

Rob has a wealth of transport and communications technology experience and connections built on 15+ years working within industry, coming from Military Communications, Electronics and civil vehicle telecommunications sector.

Rob works with Digital, Software, Internet of Things (IoT), Communications and Electronics sectors, as well as colleagues in the KTN in various technology fields. Rob works on Mobility as a Service (MaaS), Rural mobility.

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