Simon Yarwood

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Industrial Technologies

Simon works with the Innovation communities around energy efficient computing, national e-Infrastructure and system level energy harvesting. He helps companies of all sizes from student ventures spinning out of incubators, to SMEs and corporations.

He also supports the research base looking to push ideas into commercialisation by connecting them to organisations that can help fast track their goals.

Simon can help with innovative projects in energy efficient computing, energy harvesting, power enabled computing, software, computing, e-Infrastructure and embedded intelligence.

He helps innovators identify the right people to connect with, find the right product or service and the right type of funding, whether private or Governmental.

Simon’s work covers many sectors such as enabling sensing in remote farming areas, data centre operation at lower cost, access to high performance compute for simulation, as well as modelling or big data applications.

He is the key contact for the Energy Efficient Computing, e-Infrastructure and Energy Harvesting communities at KTN.

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