Stephen Morris

Knowledge Transfer Manager, Smart Materials and Technical Textiles

Following a degree and a PhD in biochemistry, Steve worked in in technical sales and marketing for a large multinational covering a wide variety of industries from refractories and ceramics to plastics and rubbers. During this time he held a variety of roles in sales and marketing management including heading a business unit and a global marketing group.

This was followed by a number of business consultancy roles with major US companies and a brief foray into regional Government activity heading up business investment at Yorkshire Forward.

Steve first started working for the Materials KTN through a placement at Leeds University delivering a series of polymer workshops and then moved to working with the smart materials community covering a wide variety of materials including metamaterials, auxetics, piezoelectrics, electroactive polymers and smart textiles as well as a variety of sectors such as energy harvesting, structural health monitoring and smart actuation. After the formation of KTN he continued to work with advanced functional materials focusing on emerging technologies such as metamaterials and auxetics as well as graphene and other 2D materials. Before rejoining KTN Steve worked with QinetiQ’s Advanced Services and Products Group working in sectors such as batteries and smart textiles in addition to delivering a project for KTN as a sub-contractor on Energy Storage and 2D materials.

Steve is a Fellow of The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining and sits on their Smart Materials and Systems Committee.