Winn Faria

Winn Faria

Winn Faria, Knowledge Transfer Manager ‑ Professional, Financial Services & Blockchain

Winn is part of the Digital team at KTN. He uses his background in science, technology and artificial intelligence to help Blockchain and FinTech organisations connect to relevant sectors of the industry and academia to grow their project.

He helps organisations access funding opportunities to accelerate ideas into real-world solutions. The organisations he supports are involved in Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology / DLT, Fintech, Financial Services, Banking, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data, Legaltech/ Law tech, Insurtech and Accountancy tech.

Winn leads on the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund Next Generation Services Programme. The programme is for Artificial Intelligence innovative businesses developing solutions for the Accountancy, Insurance and Legal services sectors. As part of the programme, Winn runs AI for Services, a UK wide network bringing together Data and Artificial Intelligence businesses and academics with professionals working in the high value service sectors.

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Prior to joining KTN, Winn worked at a number of professional services firms and technology companies, helping them deliver innovative digital and blockchain solutions globally for their clients.