Innovation Nation: Bruce McClelland on making cities smarter

From clean energy to connected transport, how can we make cities better places to live?


By Katharine Rooney

Urban living: what does it mean? Easy access to theatres and nice restaurants? Or transport chaos and a shortage of decent schools? Well, both Рbut as more and more of us move into cities, local authorities are under increasing pressure to find better ways of managing infrastructure and services. 

KTN’s Urban Living Specialist, Bruce McLelland, works closely with cities to help identify common and regionally-specific challenges – and then match them with companies offering the technology that could solve those challenges.

From the autonomous pods trialled in Greenwich to the data sharing in the Bristol is Open project, Bruce has got his finger on the pulse of what the smartest cities are up to – and on how they can work collaboratively to address the future-proofing requirements they all face.

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