Integrating Thermal Storage Materials into Energy Systems

The 23rd March saw the KTN host a workshop on behalf of InnovateUK.

A report on innovative thermal storage.

On the 23rd March 2016 the KTN hosted a workshop on behalf of InnovateUK to investigate the opportunities for integrating innovative thermal storage materials into low carbon energy systems.

The invited delegates comprised of academics, policymakers and industry who are all involved in the development of novel thermal storage technologies, including phase change materials, thermochemical storage, inter-seasonal storage, cryogenics and salt hydrates.

The delegates were asked to describe the opportunities associated with two scenarios;

  1. Linking thermal storage to renewable energy sources in a heat network
  2. Storing industrial waste heat for transportation to areas of heat demand.

The output from the workshop has helped to produce a report on innovative thermal storage materials with recommendations for Government.


Jenni McDonnell – Knowledge Transfer Manager, More Sustainable Energy