KTN interviews Dr Becky Sage, CEO of Interactive Scientific Ltd, and Women in Innovation Award Winner, on her interactive simulation innovation dashboard.


“Interactive Scientific was conceived in order to make the invisible scientific world visible.”

Interactive Scientific (iSci) started in 2013 with the ultimate goal of helping more people understand science so they can tackle the challenges that are underpinned by it. iSci’s tools are designed to give researchers ways to communicate and collaborate, and learners’ ways to engage with science.

“Innovate UK have been such an important part of our journey, right at the beginning. We had next to nothing and immediately thought this is the right fund for me because even the application form was different from a lot of application forms. It was really focussed on leadership and vision.”

How did Women in Innovation help?

The award was crucial to Becky in developing her confidence alongside the Women in Innovation peer group. Becky is one of the fifteen award holders for the 2016 Women in Innovation competition and has received a grant of £50,000 and a bespoke support package.

“I found out about the Women in Innovation programme through my networks and I applied. It was the most empowering application form I’d ever filled out. I listened to my instincts and creative impulses as I wrote it and ultimately, I became a Women in Innovation award winner. I have been involved in the programme ever since. It has been a really powerful journey.”

Impact / Outcomes

Becky would like to work more with women who may feel their voice isn’t always heard. There is support, and with support, there is also a network to reach out to. The future of Interactive Scientific is a collaborative one.

“As I move forward, success is generating scalable revenue from the delivery of digital education tools for both corporate and individual customers. Success is doing this whilst maintaining good health and balanced energy, prioritising so that my passion and talents only go into the most important things and ensuring that I trust the people that I am working with.”



For more information on Women in Innovation, visit the Programme page here.