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Innovate UK KTN helps UK companies engage with European funding programmes and help them create collaborations.

Helping UK companies engage with European funding programmes and create collaborations.

We recently recorded a video to give you an overview of the Five Horizon Europe Missions. You can watch it here.

The European Union represents one of the world’s largest international market, with more than 500 million people generating over €14 trillion in economic activity – approximately 22% of global nominal GDP.

How can Global Alliance Europe team help?

There is an increasing need for UK organisations to be proactive about identifying and connecting with potential European project partners. The network of National Contact Points (NCPs) is the main structure to provide guidance, practical information and assistance on all aspects of participation in European Framework Programmes including Horizon Europe (and its predecessor Horizon 2020). Use this link to find the relevant UK National Contact Point.

In partnership with NCPs and Innovate UK EDGE (which operated as Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) until 2020), KTN helps UK businesses to access European programmes such as Horizon Europe as well as other funding programmes such as EUREKA, Interreg and Life Programme, and informs funding priorities to match UK business need. This increases the rate of delivery of new or improved products, processes or services for economic, environmental and societal benefit.

You can get help from Global Alliance Europe to:

  • Find funding opportunities
  • Form partnerships
  • Develop your project proposals

Global Alliance Europe also highlights Financial Support for Third Parties (FSTP) or Cascade Funding. The main objective of this financing method is to simplify administrative procedures with SMEs, thus allowing some projects financed by the EU to issue, in turn, open calls to obtain more funding. You can find all of the current open calls here.

Follow the Global Alliance Europe team on Twitter for news on EU funding and other international opportunities.

Future UK Participation in European R&I Framework Programmes – You can still apply for European Funding. “The UK is expected to become an associated country to the EU’s R&I Framework Programme Horizon Europe. The UK will therefore have the same rights and obligations as other countries associated to the Programme.” Read more here.

The UK aims to maintain a close relationship with European partners in the European research and innovation Framework Programme: Horizon Europe. It represents a significant opportunity for UK companies to access finance for research and development and innovation. It is an opportunity to form collaborations in new supply chains, for SMEs to build relationships with multinational partners, and gives a route for businesses to reach new markets, facilitating uptake of new technologies by end users and customers. The collaboration is important – it is not just about funding.

Association to Horizon Europe will give UK scientists, researchers and businesses access to funding under the programme on equivalent terms as organisations in EU countries. The next step is for both sides to formally adopt the full text of the agreement taking into account the finalised EU Programme Regulations. Read more here.

Innovate UK KTN participation in European projects

Innovate UK KTN participate in European research and innovation projects that align with Innovate UK KTN’s and UK R&I strategy and show positive impact to support businesses.

To find out more about EU Programmes and opportunities to get involved with European funding calls, please contact a member of our EU Programmes Team if you would like support in engaging.

Relevant Horizon Europe Events - Recordings and Slides Available

Current European Programmes funding opportunities

Horizon Europe Cluster 4: Digital, Industry and Space

Opens: 22/12/2021 Closes: 16/11/2022

Horizon Europe has a wide variety of open calls for digital, industry and space, with over €150m total funding. Current open calls in cluster 4 relate to 2D materials, graphene, robotics and AI.

More Information

Horizon Europe Guarantee 2022

Opens: 16/05/2022 Closes: 31/12/2022

The UK government has announced a new scheme that guarantees funding for successful applicants to the first and second wave of Horizon Europe grant awards regardless of the outcome of the UK’s efforts to associate to Horizon Europe.

More Information

Eureka Eurostars 3: call 3

Opens: 13/07/2022 Closes: 15/09/2022

UK registered organisations can apply for a share of up to £2.5 million for collaborative research with organisations from participating Eureka Eurostars members countries.

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Programmes related to European Programmes

 Emerging Industries New Value Chains Boosted by Small Flying Objects (UFO)

Emerging Industries New Value Chains Boosted by Small Flying Objects (UFO)

The Horizon 2020 (H2020) funded UFO project coordinated by Aerospace Valley, France, was launched in May 2020 with a budget of more than €4.3M. KTN is a project partner and is joined by the experience and expertise of Minalogic (France), ICT Cluster (Bulgaria), Cluj IT (Romania), Corralia (Greece), Finance Innovation (France), and Marine South East (UK). The consortium also includes the Climate–KIC as an Associated Partner.

Solutions for CRitical Raw materials - a European Expert Network 2 (SCRREEN2)

Solutions for CRitical Raw materials - a European Expert Network 2 (SCRREEN2)

The SCRREEN network gathers today expertise on primary and secondary resources; production, including exploration, mining, processing, recycling and refining; substitution of CRM; raw materials markets; future demand and supply; materials flows; socio-economic analysis. It covers also strategic value chains and end-use sectors, including batteries, e-mobility, renewable energy, electronics, defence and aerospace.