Navigating from design to manufacture can be challenging. Translating an idea from a design into manufactured reality requires skill, expertise and tenacity! Through guides, webinars and events, the Navigating the Design to Manufacture Journey Programme supports innovators as they look to get develop and commercialise physical products that require manufacturing.

Developing a physical product has challenges additional to those involved in  software or service innovation. A wider range of skills are required, good relationships with third parties are vital and costs and significant investment is required up front – costs must be carefully planned and managed.

Navigating this process can be daunting and good communication between stakeholders is vital. By understanding what designers and manufacturers care about, it will be easier to establish the good relationships and processes that will avoid costly, time consuming changes further along the development process.

We have grown a body of resource and a strong and diverse network of innovators, specialists, designers, contract manufacturers, academics, technology providers and support agencies who are passionate about and, invested in ensuring more companies can successfully navigate the Design to Manufacture journey.   We have created a Design to Manufacture Guidebook based on our engaging webinar series to help companies navigate this design to manufacture journey.