Neurotechnology is the application of electronics and engineering to the human nervous system and ranges from the measurement of the whole brain through technologies such as electroencephalography to the stimulation of a single nerve using bioelectronic medicines.

The UK has a world leading research base in neurotechnology, covering areas such as fundamental neuroscience, medical imaging, bioelectronic medicines, brain-computer interfaces and neural prosthetics. Moreover, the UK has regional excellence across the country, for example, non-invasive neurotechnology in Northern Ireland, photonics in Scotland, dementia research in Wales, optogenetics in the north east of England, mental health in the Midlands, and clinical, experimental and computational neuroscience in the South.

There are a growing number of neurotechnology start-ups, developing novel treatments for chronic diseases and exciting neural interface technologies that could have a wide range of non-medical applications.

The UK also has a growing pre-competitive community that can accelerate the commercialisation of new neurotechnologies. These organisations can help guide companies from initial concept through to market, assisting with the intellectual property and regulatory stages as well as technical challenges.

The KTN has developed a landscape map to highlight the research organisations, companies, charities and investors that are working in this area. We are currently developing an academic landscape which should be available soon. If you think we have missed your organisation, we want to hear from you! Please contact Dr Charlie Winkworth-Smith.