The SCRREEN network gathers today expertise on primary and secondary resources; production, including exploration, mining, processing, recycling and refining; substitution of CRM; raw materials markets; future demand and supply; materials flows; socio-economic analysis. It covers also strategic value chains and end-use sectors, including batteries, e-mobility, renewable energy, electronics, defence and aerospace.

SCRREEN2 will continue to build upon this work to develop and strengthen the expert network. In order to improve data and knowledge on all screened raw materials, SCRREEN2 will regularly update raw materials factsheets and publish outlook reports which will be made available on the KTN website.

The Horizon 2020 (H2020) funded SCRREEN2 project coordinated by CEA, France was launched in November 2020 with a budget of just under €3M.


KTN is a project partner and is joined by the experience and expertise of:
Prometia (Belgium)
BRGM (France)
Rare Earths Industry Association (Belgium)
Eurogeosurveys – EGS (Belgium)
EIT Raw Materials Gmbh (Germany)
Enco Srl (Italy)
ENEA (Italy)
Fraunhofer (Germany)

Joint Research Centre – European Commission (Belgium)
International Raw Materials Observatory (Belgium)
LGI Consulting (France)
MinPol Gmbh (Austria)
National Technical University Of Athens – NTUA (Greece)
PNO Innovation (Belgium)
Tecnalia Research Innovation (Spain)
Universiteit Leiden (Netherlands)
United Nations Institute For Training And Research – UNITAR (Switzerland)
VTT (Finland)

The project will run for 35 months and aims to develop and strengthen the SCRREEN expert network in order to cover all raw materials screened in the CRM 2020 assessment.