Sustainable Impact Investment Programme

The Sustainable Impact Investment Programme catalyses 15 impactful startups to grow and scale through the tools and connections for investment.


The SIIP Programme is a specially designed three month programme for selected startups who have received funding from Innovate UK’s Sustainable Innovation Fund. The objective is to prepare both the business and founders with the knowledge, tools and investor connections to raise their next round of investment up to £5m through a confident proposition, materials, and communications.

We will offer you:



Open for applications by invitation only, the intensive three month programme will:
  • Be delivered through workshops, independent work, hands-on mentorship and expert talks
  • Be accessible through a hybrid model – both online and offline (in London)
  • Provide introductions and access to a vibrant and active community of entrepreneurs committed to making a positive impact 
  • Provide the tools, techniques and expert support to prepare a fundraising deck, pitch and proposition for investors


As part of the three month programme you will:

  1. Work with hands-on experts to carve a compelling story around impact you are making on society and how that creates a persuasive investment opportunity
  2. Iteratively refine your business model directly with industry experts to prove the market opportunity to become a high growth / high revenue business
  3. Plan a clear and actionable five year strategy that meets your impact and financial targets ( including your routes to market, business resources requirements, the skills you will need to hire and your funding requirements
  4. Attend workshops and speak with experts to gain a full understanding of the legal and tax considerations to make before any investment
  5. Work closely with experts to create a compelling pitch deck that resonates with investors with a narrative that includes a persuasive articulation of your proposition, the impact of your solution and value and your strengths as a team
  6. Attend intensive pitch writing, preparation and rehearsal sessions to leave the programme with an articulate and confident story, clear articulate materials, and connections to kickstart your investment journey

By the end of the programme you will be pitching to investors at the end of programme demo day


21 June 22 – Applications Open

15 July 22 – Applications Close

19 July 22 – Introduction Webinar (1 hour / online)

25 July 22 – Telephone Interview

18 Aug 22 – Finalist Selection Day (London)

22 Aug 22 – Selection Announced

05 Sept 22 – Programme Starts


To apply for the programme you must:

1. Have received an official invitation to apply by InnovateUK KTN

2. Have received funding from Innovate UK KTN’s Sustainable Innovation Fund

3. Be looking to raise between £500k-£5m funding in the next 12 months

4. Be willing to dedicate decision maker time, resource and commitment to participating in the programme

5. Demonstrate leadership commitment and enthusiasm towards to success of your business

6. Have a demonstrable solution at either MVP stage or later

7. Have generated some commercial traction or validation that evidences your solutions viability in your chosen industry

8. Be selling a solution that has a direct and positive impact on the environment and sustainability


Do these apply to you?


What is the application Process?

After receiving an invitation to apply, you must complete the application form by the 15th July 2022. This should take no more than 1 hours to complete. If selected, you’ll then be invited to an introduction webinar which outlines the programme in more detail, followed by a telephone interview. The shortlisted teams will be invited to a selection day in London on the 18th August after which the final startups accepted on the programme will be announced the following week. 

Is the programme Free?

Yes – there is no cost to startups for being a part of the programme. In addition, we will cover all reasonable travel costs to and from London when you may be required to attend in person.

Is there any funding or a grant?

No – the programme provides value through the syllabus, investment connections and the transfer of knowledge, tools and knowhow on getting investment.

Why was my startup selected to apply?

If you received an invitation to apply, it was because you are a recipient of funding from The Sustainable Innovation Fund. In addition, your startup has been recognised as having high impact potential, your team recognised as being investible and with high growth potential. 

How much time and resource will I need to dedicate to the programme?

The SIIP programme is intensive and designed to prepare you with an investment proposition, investable business and a confident pitch in a short space of time (of 3 months). You will need to dedicate at least 5-10 hours a week of a decision makers time to the programme.

Who will I meet on the programme?

In addition to the community of other recognised high impact, high growth startups, you will be meeting potential investors (both VC and Angel) and stakeholders across the ecosystem interested in impact and sustainability. In addition, the programme is delivered by growth, investment and startup experts with whom you’ll have the opportunity to build connections.

What happens at the end of the programme?

At the end of the programme you’ll have the opportunity to pitch your business and investment proposition to investors and other players in the sustainability ecosystem on the programme Demo Day in November. As well as making connections and supporting throughout, Innovate UK KTN will continue to support you following the program with connections and introductions. 

Is the programme only open to startups based in London?

No – the programme has been designed to support high impact, high growth startups wherever they may in the UK. Whilst startups in London may wish to participate face to face, most workshops, meetings and talks will be accessible through zoom. On the occasion that you may need to come to London for any reason, we’ll cover any reasonable travel costs.


The SIIP Programme is led by Growth and Commercialisation Strategists Growth Studio Group.

Having worked with over 500 startups to prepare to launch, raise funds and scale, Growth Studio have a global footprint spanning the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and North America.

Described as the worlds most experienced startup acceleration team, Founders Paul Finch and Rayan Jawad will be bringing their expertise and knowledge on tackling the investment challenges for impact led startups to the SIIP Programme and working hands on with each team to prepare a confident investment proposition to present on Demo Day and to take to investors. You can contact them directly with any enquiries.

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