TAFTIE Taskforce: Diversity and Inclusion

The European Network of Leading National Innovation Agencies

TAFTIE was registered in 1992 as a French Association. Members share information and experiences and work on topics of mutual interest in Task Forces, Networks and Working Groups. Innovate UK KTN is a project partner in one of those Task Forces – Diversity and Inclusion (D&I). The D&I Taskforce aims to highlight and develop best practices and provide a formal network across the Innovation Agencies to support ongoing and regular interaction and dialogue.

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Diversity is about understanding and recognising that we are all unique, recognising that there are a variety of differences between people, and placing a positive value on those differences. Inclusion is the act of creating environments in which any individual or group can feel welcomed, respected, supported, and valued to fully participate. Diversity and Inclusion is proven to increase business success, and is therefore vital for European companies in order to foster innovation, develop new ideas and build meaningful relationships.

Innovate UK KTN is a project partner and is joined by the experience and expertise of:

Innovate UK
National Research Council Canada (CNRC NRC)
Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTGV)
Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)
Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA CR)
Invitalia (Italy)
Business Finland
Innovas Jon Norge (Norway)
Innoviris (Brussels)
Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)
Vinnova (Sweden)
Enterprise Ireland
Vlaio (Belgium)

The project will run for 36 months and aims to promote and improve equality, diversity and inclusion throughout the Innovation Agencies.