Ground-breaking new federation of AI-based cameras to transform crime detection & policing




University of Wolverhampton



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Incident response and management, Cyber-Physical

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Difficulty in identifying a suspect is one of the main barriers to crime policing; it also encourages repeat offenders; and costs different sectors of our economy billions of pounds each year. For example the retail sector reported 79% repeat offenders, costing £4.88bn in 2019. The scale of the problem is consistent in most of the OECD countries. Surveillance technology spending in the UK is £2.2bn each year, where the associated software intelligence market is 10-15% of the overall spending.

FedCam is an innovative software solution & third party platform that creates a secured federation of surveillance cameras which fully automates end-to-end surveillance systems, from event prediction and detection to GDPR compliant evidence provision for successful prosecution. Our AI-based solution uses multi-biometric data for offender identification, which significantly reduces false alarms compared with existing solutions. Our one-stop evidence shop approach enhances productivity in crime policing, reduces the time for offender prosecution, discourages offenders from getting involved and saves money for the end-user (subscription cost will be low because of minimal IT requirement at the local level, which also reduces the cyber threat).

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