We provide the virtual equivalent of physical credentials (plastic cards, passports, qualifications, driving licenses etc.)for everyone and everything by converting them into cryptographically secure and privacy-protecting W3C Verifiable Credentials so that they can be easily stored, carried and presented electronically as needed.

Accelerators: Joined Cyber 101.

Trials: We ran COVID-19 certificate trials with a local cinema and with East Kent NHS.

Further funding was attracted from IUK, eSSIF and Zayed University.

Verifiable Credentials was acquired by Crossword Cybersecurity in May 2021


“Without CyberASAP I would now be enjoying my retirement and probably getting bored! Because of CyberASAP I spent a year running a new university spin-out SME, creating a fully functional MVP, working with R&D partners, and then finally being acquired by a larger SME and being made Product Director of the MVP we developed.”

Prof David Chadwick


CyberASAP Year 3 Showcase

Read our interview with the Founder here