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Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are significant globalised technologies applicable to every sector. The UK’s extensive industrial and academic research base has immense potential to impact on home and global markets.

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The Robotics & Artificial Intelligence team addresses this opportunity enabling UK RAI innovators to connect, access markets and showcase their capability. Instrumental for millions of people, Natural Language Processing (NLP) is currently one of our main topics of interest.

We’ll use our deep expertise to support businesses in adopting AI safely and securely, encouraging AI suppliers to generate ethical, easy to use tools. Our team can also help you explore how NLP can improve your business processes.

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Our AI Expert

Caroline Chibelushi

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Funding Opportunities

xTech Global AI Challenge: AI-enabled Multi-modal Analytics in Resource Constrained Environments

The US Army, in partnership with US Air Force and US Navy, is seeking robust, AI-enabled capabilities to manage, integrate, and process, and reason on disparate data/information sources for rapid decision making. $250,000 total funding is available.

Opens: 25/03/2021 Closes: 12/05/2021

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KTN-iX challenge: Monitoring Movement in Crowds

The Innovation Exchange (iX), delivered in partnership with HMG and KTN, is looking to identify innovative solutions to a number of challenges around overseeing, anonymously, the movement of people in shared spaces with the intent of ensuring crowd safety.

Opens: 22/03/2021 Closes: 06/05/2021

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19th April

Safe AI Adoption in Sellafield: Roundtable Sessions

Between 19-23 April, we are inviting AI suppliers to join KTN for a series of roundtable discussions, in order to share their knowledge of adopting AI safely across sectors. Through these sessions, we wish to identify organisations that have solutions for Sellafield Ltd and its potential collaborators.

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RAI21: how Robotics and AI technologies can contribute to a more resilient future

This year’s RAI21 Showcase from 25-27 May will focus on how robotics and AI technologies drive positive change in the UK and globally.

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Government Response to National Security and Investment Bill Sector Consultation Published

Introduction of the National Security and Investment Bill – Government Response & Invitation to Suggest Content for NS&I Guidance for Advanced Materials Sector.

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