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Automated Vehicles

Connected and Automated Vehicles offer transformational opportunities for safety, access to mobility, lower emissions and increased efficiency and productivity of our transport systems

Brought by the extraordinary innovations in processing power, artificial intelligence, machine learning, sensors, and business models we are on the edge of profound changes in the way in which people and goods move around. The emergence of Connected and Automated Vehicles presents us with transformational opportunities for safety, access to mobility, lower emissions and increased efficiency and productivity of our transport systems.

By 2035 this new industry is estimated to be worth £62 billion for the UK, with more than £440 million joint investments by the government and industry already made in more than 90 R&D projects involving more than 200 companies.

The KTN inputs into policy programmes, facilitates knowledge transfer, and can support organisations in their journey towards improving the future of mobility.

They do this by helping organisations in finding solutions to their challenges, connecting them to the right potential partners and making sure they succeed.

Since the end of 2017, the team has helped UK organisations win more than £60 million in R&D grants as well as achieve projects value of more than £90 million.

Our Automated Vehicles Expert

George Filip

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Funding Opportunities

KTN-iX challenge: Solutions for Smarter & Greener Places

Through this iX challenge, EQUANS, part of the ENGIE Group, is looking for SME’s with innovative solutions that create smarter and greener places who are interested in corporate strategic investment, with innovations across energy, mobility and infrastructure that enable smarter and greener places. Alongside technical innovations, EQUANS is interested in educational tools that help to promote behavioural change in communities, supporting democratisation in achieving decarbonisation.

Opens: 06/07/2021 Closes: 30/09/2021

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Knowledge transfer partnerships (KTP): 2021 to 2022, round 3

Up to £6 million is available to fund innovation projects, which are a partnership between an academic institution/RTO/Catapult and a business or not-for-profit, employing 1-2 graduate associates.

Opens: 05/07/2021 Closes: 29/09/2021

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Recorded: 14th January

Engage with...McLaren Applied

Engage with McLaren Applied, based in Surrey, and see how they are pioneering a better future in electrification.

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Horizon Europe Cluster 5: Climate, Energy and Mobility

Horizon Europe is the next European Funding Framework Programme following on from its predecessor Horizon 2020. It will run for seven years from 2021 to 2027. The total budget set for the programme is €95.5 billion. There are six Clusters under Pillar 2: Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness. Climate, Energy and Mobility is Cluster 5.

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Accessibility across all transport modes

The Department for Transport has announced a range of initiatives to support and enable confident travel for disabled people, linked to the National Disability Strategy. Disabled passengers will have better accessibility when using transport and a significant say in how they travel and how the future of transport is shaped.  The initiatives are welcomed by KTN’s Transport Team, who are acutely aware of the importance of accessibility across all modes of transport.

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