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As an island nation the UK has traditionally been a leading player in the global maritime industry.

The maritime industry is critical to the UK economy with approximately 95% of all imports and exports transported by sea, including 25% of the UK’s energy supply, and 48% of the country’s food supplies. Maritime business services directly contribute £2 billion gross value added (GVA) to the UK economy; this is expanded to £5 billion GVA if the wider impacts of the sector are considered.

In addition to freight and goods movements the UK has a significant maritime tourism and leisure industry which was valued at £3.12 billion in 2017. The UK has a thriving and growing cruise sector with 1.96 million cruises sold in the UK in 2017, half of which started at a British port.

The UK is also a world leader in maritime services such as insurance, regulation and certification with London being the global hub for all such services.

Our Maritime Expert

Matthew Moss

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Funding Opportunities

EuropeWave’s innovative wave energy tender now open

EuropeWave is an innovative R&D programme for wave energy technology, which runs from 2021 to 2025. It will combine over €22.5m of national, regional and EU funding to drive a competitive Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) programme for wave energy. They are now inviting wave energy developers to apply for funding via its innovative pre-commercial procurement (PCP) programme.

Opens: 01/07/2021 Closes: 30/09/2021

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Climate Challenge Cup

The Climate Challenge Cup is a new international competition to elevate and help scale transformative civic research partnerships between research bodies, civic organisations and local communities to combat climate change. It will culminate in an innovation showcase and award ceremony during COP26, the United Nations 2021 Climate Change Conference in November.

Opens: 23/08/2021 Closes: 24/09/2021

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Recorded: 20th May

Engage with...RNLI

Join this webinar to hear how RNLI offers a relatively unique position of in-house maritime engineering, design and build in our factories coupled with operation, maintenance and disposal, giving a whole life perspective for trials and collaboration for the electrification of marine-based emergency services.

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London International Shipping Week 2021 takeaways

London International Shipping Week 2021 was held from 13th to 17th September, and for most of the industry represented the first chance to get together physically and discuss the opportunities and barriers facing the industry since the start of the pandemic.

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Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition winners announced

Winners of the Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition (CMDC) were announced aboard HMS Albion on the 15th September by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps as part of the Net Zero Hub during London International Shipping Week.

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