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As an island nation the UK has traditionally been a leading player in the global maritime industry.

The maritime industry is critical to the UK economy with approximately 95% of all imports and exports transported by sea, including 25% of the UK’s energy supply, and 48% of the country’s food supplies. Maritime business services directly contribute £2 billion gross value added (GVA) to the UK economy; this is expanded to £5 billion GVA if the wider impacts of the sector are considered.

In addition to freight and goods movements the UK has a significant maritime tourism and leisure industry which was valued at £3.12 billion in 2017. The UK has a thriving and growing cruise sector with 1.96 million cruises sold in the UK in 2017, half of which started at a British port.

The UK is also a world leader in maritime services such as insurance, regulation and certification with London being the global hub for all such services.

Our Maritime Expert

Matthew Moss

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Funding Opportunities

KTN Innovation Exchange challenge - battery systems for a zero emission passenger ferry

Innovative solutions are being sought by Artemis Technologies on KTN’s Innovation Exchange for battery pack designs that would be suitable in a marine environment.

Opens: 18/12/2020 Closes: 12/02/2021

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KTN Innovation Exchange challenge - non-destructive testing of GRP marine vessels

The challenge owner operates a number of large marine vessels (ships) with hulls constructed from glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP). Hulls can be damaged as a result of collisions, abrasion, delamination of the GRP, blistering and other mechanisms. Current inspection methods are based around visual inspection and challenge owner seeks to identify technology to improve all aspects of hull inspection.

Opens: 14/12/2020 Closes: 03/02/2021

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10th February

Cross-Sector Battery Systems Innovation Network: Batteries for Maritime

This webinar series will look into the opportunities and trends for Batteries in Defence, Maritime and Rail.

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Spending Review sees a strong commitment to decarbonise transport

The Prime Minister’s commitment to achieving Net Zero by 2050 was given a boost in the recent Spending Review with a sizeable budget allocated to supporting the transport sector’s transition to decarbonised energy sources.

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The march towards Net Zero Carbon is picking up pace, but Ports appear to be bringing up the rear

As activities towards achieving Net Zero Carbon ramp up, KTN’s Mark Wray (Buildings & Infrastructure) and Matthew Moss (Maritime) share their thoughts on the recently published Spending Review and Carbon Budget, and what these mean for the sector.

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