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The Microbiome Innovation Network (formerly SIG) aims to accelerate the commercialisation of microbiome-based products and services in the UK and create a vibrant community by connecting industry and academia.

Microorganisms are the most abundant living things on earth and are found in every living environment, including the inside of the human body. The relationship between microorganisms, their host and the environment is the subject of intensive research as it holds the promise of providing vital solutions for some of society’s biggest challenges including chronic diseases, antimicrobial resistance, and agricultural productivity.

The aims of the KTN Innovation Network are to develop a proactive, self-sustaining microbiome community in the UK to raise the visibility of the UK’s world leading microbiome science and enable translation of this science to the benefit of the academic institutions, start-ups, SMEs, larger established companies that operate here and to society at large. The scope of the SIG covers all microbiomes, especially those connected to human health & wellbeing, animal health & nutrition and agri-food.

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Our Microbiome Expert

Charles Vander Broek

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Recorded: 16th October

Microbiome Innovation Network: Current academic research and its impact

Are you a PhD student or an undergraduate interested in the field of microbiome? This event is for you!

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