CRACK IT Challenge: SAFE: Innovative Safety Assessment of Fish adverse Effects

This Challenge aims to develop a suite of innovative, scalable bioassays for key adverse outcome pathways to replace in vivo fish studies in chemical safety screening and regulatory environmental risk assessment.

Opens: 01/09/2021 Closes: 28/10/2021

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CRACK IT Mega-Challenge: towards a virtual second species in toxicology for drug development

This Challenge aims to apply advanced computational and mathematical modelling approaches including Machine Learning, systems biology, systems toxicology and multi-scale modelling to develop a suite of virtual dog tissues and organs to model toxicological endpoints for new medicines. The model developed will provide a tool to start moving towards replacing the use of the dog as a second species in drug development.

Opens: 01/09/2021 Closes: 28/10/2021

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Analysis for Innovators (A4I) Round 6

UK registered businesses can apply for a share of up to £3m to resolve productivity issues by working with the best scientists and research facilities. Your proposal must describe a measurement or analysis problem that will help improve your business’s productivity or competitiveness, and an estimate of the value to your business of solving it.

Opens: 29/07/2021 Closes: 18/08/2021

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Development of Electro-Magnetic Separation of Isotopes for Fusion Materials

The STEP (Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production) Programme is interested in alternative isotope separation technology, based on magnets/lasers, to provide isotopically tailored materials to reduce radioactive waste for the STEP concept and prototype reactor.

Opens: 19/07/2021 Closes: 05/08/2021

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Scottish EDGE - Apply by 16th Aug for up to £100k business funding

Scottish EDGE is a competition aimed at identifying and supporting Scotland’s up-and-coming, innovative, high-growth entrepreneurial talent. Companies of all sectors and stages can apply for funding of up to £100,000 on a split grant/ loan basis, and there is additional funding for pre-trading companies, sole-traders, partnerships, and under-30s. DEADLINE EXTENDED – now 16th August.

Opens: 06/07/2021 Closes: 16/08/2021

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Driving the electric revolution – building talent for the future

UK registered organisations can apply for a share of up to £250,000 for innovative skills, talent, and training projects. This funding is from the Driving the Electric Revolution challenge.

Opens: 09/08/2021 Closes: 15/09/2021

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Horizon Europe Work Programme 2021-2022: Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society - Cluster 2

Horizon Europe has a wide variety of open calls for culture, creativity and inclusive society, with closing dates in September 2021 or April 2022. Some of these also include AI, big data, digital tech, materials and health.

Opens: 19/07/2021 Closes: 06/04/2022

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UK Space Agency National Space Technology Programme (NSTP) and Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST) funding call

This NSTP/SST Call aims to develop the capability of the UK space sector by providing funding to advance research into Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST) and debris removal underlying technologies or data. Industrial co-funding may be required for the selected projects.

Opens: 19/07/2021 Closes: 25/08/2021

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KTN-iX challenge: Upcycling Protective Plastics from Offshore Wind Farms

The Innovation Exchange programme is working alongside Ørsted to help them reach out to potential innovators that might have solutions involving the upcycling of Transition Piece (TP) covers. The TP cover is a robust, watertight cover that protects the internal working space during the construction phase of an offshore wind turbine.

Opens: 12/07/2021 Closes: 15/10/2021

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SBRI: Healthy Ageing Social Ventures feasibility studies

Organisations can apply for a share of £1 million inclusive of VAT to develop products and services to support healthy ageing, for projects up to £50k.

Opens: 19/07/2021 Closes: 15/09/2021

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