National Lottery Grants for Heritage 2021-22

Applications are now open for National Lottery Grants for Heritage from £3,000 to £5million, prioritising heritage projects that will boost the local economy, encourage skills development and job creation, support wellbeing, create better places to live, work and visit, and improve the resilience of organisations working in heritage.

Opens: 01/03/2021 Closes: 30/04/2022

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STADIEM Open Call 1

Calling the most promising tech startups, scaleups and SMEs to join the STADIEM (Startup Driven Innovation in European Media) 4-stage programme. The STADIEM programme aims to bring together startups, scaleups, investors and media organisations to foster the development of Next Generation Media solutions.

Opens: 01/03/2021 Closes: 31/03/2021

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Data Market Services Accelerator

The Data Market Services Accelerator is a program designed to help startups in the European Union (and associated countries) grow their skills, connect with partners and investors, and gain media and events exposure. It is free to participate, and funded by the European Commission.

Opens: 15/03/2021 Closes: 30/04/2021

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Driving the Electric Revolution: Supply Chains for Net Zero

UK registered businesses of any size can apply for a share of up to £22 million for research to facilitate the UK’s niche and volume supply chain and manufacturing capability growth in power electronics, machines and drives (PEMD).

Opens: 08/03/2021 Closes: 30/06/2021

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Automotive Transformation Fund Expression of Interest: Round 8

UK registered businesses can apply for a share of up to £1 billion for capital centric investment projects that help industrialise the electrified automotive supply chain at scale in the UK.

Opens: 01/03/2021 Closes: 24/03/2021

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ATI Programme strategic batch: expression of interest March 2021

The ATI Programme funds industrial research and investment aid for research infrastructures to make the UK civil aerospace sector more competitive.

Opens: 01/03/2021 Closes: 17/03/2021

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SBRI Innovation Challenge: Reducing Spread of Airborne Pathogens in Healthcare

The aim of the competition is to develop solutions that aid prevention or reduce the spread of droplet and airborne biological hazards, reduce NHS staff reliance on single use disposable PPE, and allow the return of clinical procedures which are currently considered high risk because of their aerosol generating nature.

Opens: 17/02/2021 Closes: 24/03/2021

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NHS England open call for innovation in cancer care

Working together with NHS England and NHS Improvement, SBRI Healthcare Cancer Programme is delighted to announce a £15 million funding competition for innovation to go to the open market in the field of cancer.

Opens: 17/03/2021 Closes: 21/04/2021

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Approaches to delivering energy supplies to Ships in Port – Efficient energy management

Looking for innovative solutions for delivering energy efficiently to ships whilst in port: solutions must consider the availability of energy supply and the different demands of ships and port side equipment to explore efficient means of managing the electrical energy supplies, which are not infinite and are often in high demand.

Opens: 12/02/2021 Closes: 25/03/2021

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Approaches to delivering energy supplies to Ships in Port - Efficient connections

KTN-iX is looking for innovative solutions for delivering energy efficiently to ships whilst in port. The winning business(es) in this competition will be given an opportunity to present their solutions to a group of major port operators

Opens: 12/02/2021 Closes: 29/03/2021

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