Exciting pilot projects are being conducted and explored in the UK, Canada and US states such as California to determine the technical feasibility of blending hydrogen into existing natural gas systems. Whilst the deployment of hydrogen is in its early stages, there is increasing interest around permitting significant percentage blends of hydrogen into gas networks, which would enable the carbon intensity of gas supplies to be reduced, creating a new demand for hydrogen and, with the use of separation and purification technologies downstream, support the transportation of pure hydrogen to markets.

Webinar recordings are now available

2nd March | Highlights and Perspectives from the UK

3rd March | Highlights and Perspectives from Canada and California


Gaps in codes and standards need to be addressed to enable adoption, and there may be opportunities for international collaboration and harmonisation to ensure that best practices are shared globally and to facilitate the growth of trade and export markets. There is an opportunity for the UK, Canada and US, three G7 countries, to work together and show market making leadership in key enabling regulation for the new hydrogen economy.

Delivered by KTN Global Alliance on behalf of the British Consulate-General in Vancouver and the UK Science and Innovation Network in Canada and the US, these two webinars will showcase hydrogen blending pilot projects in the UK, Canada and California, highlighting challenges and opportunities with regard to standards development for hydrogen blending and supporting further transatlantic collaboration in this area. The events also form part of the UK’s international engagement to build momentum towards a successful outcome at COP26, the UN climate summit that the UK will host in Glasgow in November 2021. The webinars will bring together experts from industry, academia and policy from the UK, Canada and California. Attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions and interact using Mentimeter.

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